4GB DDR3 1600 (Desktop RAM)

(1) Capacity 4GB
(2) DRAM Type DDR3
(3) Form Factory DDR3 Long Dimm
(4) Part Number EVMT4G1600U86P
(5) Chip Density 256Mx8 8Chips/256Mx8 16Chips/
256Mx16 4Chips/256Mx16 8Chips/
512Mx8 8Chips/512Mx8 16 Chips
(6) Frequency (speed) 1600MHz
(7) Bandwidth Pc3 10600
(8) CAS Latency 11.0/9.0/7.0
(9) Operating Temperature 0*C to 85*C
(10) Storage Temperature -55*C to + 100*C
(11) Voltage 1.5 Voltage
(12) Pins 240-PIN
(13) Warranty 10 Years Warranty

Desktop RAM, Ram,

EVMT4G1600U86P DDR3 LONG DIMM is a 4GB RAM with 1600Hz which is used to provide appropriate usage for daily activities, to work with Windows desktops. It is suitable for home as well as office use.

It is a 4GB variant that speeds up performance more sustainably and effectively.

It provides Quick access and improves the lag which could do the performance more suitable.

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Color Black
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