Warranty Policy:

This warranty is solely and entirely applicable to all EVM-branded products and the original (first) purchaser of the product (only to the extent of those mentioned in Article 1 hereof; hereinafter referred to as “Products”), and supersedes all other warranties and representations, whether in oral or written, between you and EVM.



  1. Warranty Service

2.1 Subject to the terms and conditions hereunder, EVM provides, without any charges or fees, replacement or repair services to our customers for defective Products within the applicable warranty term (hereinafter referred to as “Warranty Service”). The EVM Customer Service Team Reserves The Right To Make Final Decisions For All Warranty Claims And Replacement Or Same Colour Preference. The Company May Replace The Product With An Equivalent New Or Refurbished Product Preferably With Same Colour Depending Upon Stock Availability. The warranty term commences from the original purchase day. If Warranty Service is needed, any documentation which is able to prove the original purchase day should be provided. If the original purchase day cannot be determined, the commencement of the warranty term will be determined by EVM according to the Product serial number.

2.2 Please contact the local reseller where the purchase was made for help. Or you may, at your option, make a Warranty Service Request on EVM’s PICK-UP & DROP webpage. Through your request on the webpage, EVM will provide Warranty Service from EVM headquarter. EVM shall cover the cost of all transportation and relevant insurance when returning the Product back to you after Warranty Service completion.

2.3 Please note that:

(1) EVM may replace the defective Product with a spare product from stock as in lieu of repairing the Product, and after replacement, EVM may at its sole option dispose of defective Products. Therefore, in this case, the repaired Products you receive may not be the original Products you sent for Warranty Service, and the original Product will not be returned back to you as well.

(2) ONLY REPAIRING: The Warranty services are limited to repair or replacement of the product depending on the product category and is at the sole discretion of EVM.


 In case of some products, they will only be repaired & returned, and under no circumstances, will EVM provide a New/Fresh unit of these products:




*While we Understand that COVID essential products like Infrared Thermometers & Oximeters may require urgent replacement, and the EVM team will, to its full capacity, help to arrange that, but, under no circumstances should EVM be held responsible for not arranging the replacement until we have received the defective/malfunctioning unit at our service centres. Customers/Users are requested to keep Transit time in mind.

 (3) In the event that production of the Product has been discontinued or factory repair service is no longer provided, EVM will, at its sole discretion, offer a substitute in equivalent level or class for such Product instead.

 (4) DOA Policy: Any product will only be accepted as Defective on arrival/Dead on arrival within 30 days of the date of Invoice from “HUNDIA INFOSOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. / PIN PERIPHERALS PVT. LTD. / EKMATRA TECHNOLOGY PVT.LTD.” New/Fresh Units will be provided against DOA unit only after it meets our criteria.


  1. Scope of Warranty and Disclaimer

3.1 This warranty will not apply under these circumstances:

(1) Malfunctions or damage that is caused by natural disasters, accidents, acts of vandalism, and improper use (products not used in accordance with the product's description, product design, or as a fixture or for testing purposes, such as continuous plugging and unplugging, etc.), improper installation (e.g. on equipment that is not compatible or not in compliance with the product's design, etc.,

(2) Products that have been damaged due to misuse, neglect, unauthorized disassembly, modifications, or alterations.

(3) Product damage caused by abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions or power problems such as insufficient voltage, excessive and unstable power supplies, or excessive charging of lithium batteries.

(4) Product serial number, barcode or label is inconsistent with the original or not visually identifiable to confirm the authenticity of the product, including having been modified, smeared, removed, damaged, lost.

(5) Products purchased through unauthorized distribution channels, second-hand retailers, or resale products that violate national import and export regulations.

(6) Compatibility issues not related to EVM products




3.2 NEVER does this Warranty apply to the recovery or back-up on any digital data in the Product. EVM does not guarantee the completeness of digital data stored in the Product during and after Warranty Service, and is not liable for any damages or losses of digital data stored in repaired Products. Furthermore, EVM shall in no event be liable for, during the delivery of the Product, any damages to the Product and any losses of digital data stored in Products. Consequently, before sending the Product to EVM for Warranty Service, if it is equipped with storage function, it is suggested that you make a back-up of your digital data from the Product and remove those digital data from the Product.

3.3 To the extent that applicable laws or regulations allow, in no event shall EVM be liable, under this Warranty, for any losses of profit, anticipated savings and digital data, or indirect, incidental or consequential losses or damages caused by Products.

3.4 EVM manufactures consumer and business-class Products. Since Products are not designed for extreme precision technology or absolute safety applications, it is not recommended to apply the Products in life support machines or other emergency equipment, which may lead to personal injury or death if such equipment is defective or suffers a breakdown, including but not limited to medical or medical-related equipment, military or military-related equipment, aircraft, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems, combustion control system, nuclear energy system, and so forth. EVM shall not be liable for any personal injury or death, or any loss or damages to property arising from such kind of application mentioned above.

3.5 EVM makes no other warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, whether expressly or implied, for all the Products. In the event that any law or regulation of a particular country/region prohibits the exclusion of implied warranty (i.e. warranty of merchantability and fitness), the terms of EVM’s implied warranty shall be subject to such laws/regulations or the Warranty term hereunder, whichever is shorter.