Childhood cancer is curable if diagnosed early and treated properly. Since the cure rate is high among them and the total number of productive life years saved by curing these children is significantly high and therefore we are making a small effort in treating them appropriately by all the means of more worthwhile and fulfilling. Cancer in children constitutes 5.5% of total cancer cases in India according to the Indian Council for Medical Research. This percentage has more than doubled from 2.5% ten years ago. A disturbing reality, however, is that only around one in 10 of the childhood cancer cases receives complete therapy. As a consequence, while cure rates for common childhood cancers like lymphoma and leukaemia are over 80% in the developed world, in India, they have remained abysmally low at around 30%.

We focus on providing support to the cancer children baring this burden of the disease they suffer through donating Rs.10 on every product we sell. Providing best diagnosis and treatment is not sufficient since the cancer fees are recommend high. Therefore we have been making efforts to minimise pain as well as keep children in a positive frame of mind.

Understanding the cause of cancer can reduce the number of cases diagnosed and to reduce the rate of children suffering through cancer and allowing a new and healthy start to their lives.

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