• Mafazal Shakir

    Mafazal Shakir

    January 11, 2021
    We had purchased EVM INFRARED THERMOMETER GUN . It was with two years service / manufacturing warranty. Unfortunately the trigger of the thermometer broke due the wrong usage of the company security staff. We spoke to the customer care . ( Yash Chavan) . Yash was very helpful and understanding . Initially he explained to me the machine was damaged and it cannot be repaired. I requested him to get it repaired . He asked me to come to his office with the damaged gun . I went personally and on seeing the damaged gun he checked and replaced it with brand new piece. I was surprised with this kind of customer service . This kind of service is a welcome change for us . For his helping nature and service I would recommend all to buy the products of this company. Thank you Yash Chauvan .
  • Molshree Kumar

    Molshree Kumar

    January 13, 2021
    I have been using EVM Engage speaker since the past one month and I must say it's quite the bang for buck. When I ordered it I didn't think that the EnGage would perform this good . The sound quality is clean and crisp with a good balance between the lows,mids and highs. The build quality is good and robust, it's sturdy and neat looking. Thus thing gets really very loud when the volume is at full, the sound still remains crisp and clear with a nice and smooth bass.
  • Tanish Mehta

    Tanish Mehta

    April 13, 2021
    I purchased endure power bank & It is All in One power bank for charging iPhones, Android phones (both C type and standard USB type). The best part you don't need your phone charging cable. The power bank itself has three different types of charging cables as integral part of it. The best part is that it has two years of warranty and superb after sales support
  • Vikas Mhatre

    Vikas Mhatre

    April 13, 2021
    I used this EVM M.2 2242 SSD 240GB SSD to upgrade storage and speed up my old HP laptop. It is important for me to have Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop open all at the same time and this SSD has completely resolved all of his crashing, slow loading and spinning wheel issues. Boot up and opening programs seems about 5 times faster than with the original spinning disk hard drive. The 5 year warranty was the key factor while purchasing this SSD

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